Sobre la vida i l’arquitectura (On life and Architecture)

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Architect David Mackay invites us to delve into the understanding of the urban environment in which we live and to grasp the weight it has on our physical and psychological well-being. Based on concrete examples from Barcelona and many other cities around the world, Mackay also urges us to become aware of our responsibility as citizens in terms of the public space we build and also to demand this responsibility from our political representatives. And he does so with a human and generous eye, sharing not only his professional experience, but also his life. This was David Mackay's last book, and his legacy becomes a valuable tool for reflection on the importance of the quality of architecture and urban landscape in our lives.

David Mackay (Eastbourne, 1933 - Barcelona, 2014), British architect. Trained in England, he has lived and worked for almost sixty years in Barcelona. Partner of MBM Arquitectes, some of his projects have been the urban design of the Olympic Village of Barcelona and the Design Museum (Museu del Disseny). He is the author of numerous books, conferences and articles.

Translation of the book On life and Architecture, published in 2013 by RIAS (The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland). Book available in Catalan and Spanish.


Additional Information

Author David Mackay
languages Catalan, Spanish
Text David Mackay / Maria Lucchetti (traducció i correcció)
Illustrations David Mackay
Publisher Institut Municipal del Paisatge Urbà
Year 2019
Dimensions 21 x 21
Pages 108
Binding Paperback
ISBN Català 978-84-96696-42-6
Español 978-84-96696-43-3

Sobre la vida i l’arquitectura (On life and Architecture)

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