Mitgeres Barcelona. De l'oblit al projecte

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A catalogue of party-wall plans explained by those responsible for them. Coordinated by the IMPU and ELISAVA For over twenty years, and through various channels, the Urban Landscape Institute has been working hard to integrate into the urban scene those anonymous walls separating properties from one another that, following a change of plan, end up exposed to public view in a permanently provisional state. The trophies of this battle are the more than 600 party walls tidied up and reclaimed, both in terms of quality of life, with the corresponding treatment for humidity and heat insulation, and artistic appeal, with compositions designed to integrate them harmoniously into the cityscape.

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Author Diversos autors
languages Catalan, Spanish
Text Diversos autors
Photographs Diversos autors
Publisher Institut del Paisatge Urbà - Escola Elisava
Year 2007
Dimensions 29,5 x 26,5
Pages 184
Binding Paperback with flaps
ISBN CAT-CAST 978-84-96696-15-0

Mitgeres Barcelona. De l'oblit al projecte

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