Barcelona's Balconies. A Private Space Open to the Public

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This book invites us to look at balconies from the street, to raise our heads when taking a stroll as, with a little effort, we will discover a different face to the city, learn about the history and what is unique about an architectural feature that is part of the intimate fabric of the city. (Large-format book). The architectural and urban planning traditions of cities end up shaping their characters. Despite being a highly representative feature in the city's landscape, balconies are of such common occurrence for Barcelona's residents that they probably pass them by without ever noticing them.

Additional Information

Author Anton M. Espadaler
languages Catalan, Spanish, English
Text Anton M. Espadaler
Photographs Ramon Manent i arxius
Publisher Institut del Paisatge Urbà
Year 2008
Dimensions 25 x 25 cm
Pages 240
Binding Paperback with flaps
ISBN Català 978-84-96696-06-8
Español 978-84-96696-18-1
English 978-84-96696-19-8

Barcelona's Balconies. A Private Space Open to the Public

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