Facing the Sea. Past and Present of Barcelona's shoreline

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Rafael Vallbona's book offers us a historical, literary, human and existential look at the development of Barcelona's coastline. (Large-format book) The changes the Barcelona coast has undergone from the middle of the 20th century to today offer a key to understanding the drive to transform the city. The sea marks the start and finish line of building Barcelona. The dialogue between the city and its coastline gave birth to Roman Barcino, the walled city, the capitalist Barcelona of the end of the 19th century, the proletarian metropolis of the 20th century, with its waves of migration, and the cosmopolitan urbs of the Olympic Games and the Universal Forum of Cultures.

Additional Information

Author Rafael Vallbona
languages Catalan, Spanish, French, English
Text Rafael Vallbona
Photographs Paco Elvira i arxius
Publisher Institut del Paisatge Urbà
Year 2004
Dimensions 27,5 X 32 cm
Pages 232
Binding Hardback with cover
ISBN CAT-ANG 978-84-933238-6-8 CAST-FRAN 978-84-933238-7-5

Facing the Sea. Past and Present of Barcelona's shoreline

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