A Gallery of Creators. Barcelona Modernisme Route

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A Gallery of Creators is a small encyclopaedia on the leading figures in Barcelona's Modernista movement. Architects, painters, sculptors, writers, cabinetmakers, graphic designers, as well as promoters, sponsors, financiers, etc. An ideal supplement to the Barcelona Modernisme Route guide, an indispensable tool for discovering and understanding the cultural and artistic movement that characterised Catalonia at the end of the 19th century and start of the 20th century. All those from every professional sphere whose efforts and passion to create a "new art" have led to today's Barcelona being considered the world capital of the Modernista movement.

Additional Information

Author Mònica Maspoch
languages Catalan, Spanish, French, English
Text Mònica Maspoch
Photographs Arxius
Publisher Institut del Paisatge Urbà
Year 2008
Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
Pages 240
Binding Sewn paperback
ISBN CAT 978-84-96696-02-0 CAST 978-84-96696-03-7 ANG 978-84-96696-04-4 FRAN 978-84-96696-05-1

A Gallery of Creators. Barcelona Modernisme Route

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