Poster Cloister of Sant Pau del Camp


The monastery of Sant Pau del Camp is one of the best preserved Romanesque monuments of the city of Barcelona. And the cloister which illustrates our poster is part of the ensemble of the monastery.

This cloister is singular, its polilobated arches are unique in Europe and its general appearance, but its construction is from the 12th century and later to the Church, shows clear Muslim influences.

Arches, three to five lobes, are decorated with vegetal and geometric friezes, and rest on columns double, separated.

The capitals come from two chronological moments: transition to the the Romanesque and clearly Romanesque, with fantastic beasts and zoomorphic representations among plant motifs. We found Adam and Eve with the serpent, struggles of warriors and other representations.

The poster was published at the same time that the BCN Designer Route, a guide who makes a tour of the places related with design chosen by 100 professionals from different fields of creation, made for the Design Year, on FAD’s Centenary.

Photographer: Carlos Iglesias

Dimensions: 68 x 98

It is part of a collection of 4 posters, with images from the Guide, which aesthetically and symbolically have a lot of power.

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Poster Cloister of Sant Pau del Camp