Poster Diagonal Mar Park


The Diagonal Mar Park, designed by Benedetta Tagliabue and Enric Miralles extends over fourteen hectares near the sea. To overcome urban obstacles, Park plot divided, for example, by a street. To maintain the unity of the Park, a large metal tubes, serving at the same time like lighting supports, “sewn” Park, appearing and disappearing at various points. And our poster shows a dreamlike image of these tubes.

The Park, in 372 Llull street, clearly inspired in the Sea and opened in September 2002, reserve other surprises to enjoy, as Lake or the dunes that prevent that the sand and salt transported by wind damage vegetation.

The poster was published at the same time that the BCN Designer Route, a guide who makes a tour of the places related with design chosen by 100 professionals from different fields of creation, made for the Design Year, on FAD’s Centenary.

Photographer: Carlos Iglesias

Dimensions: 68 x 98

It is part of a collection of 4 posters, with images from the Guide, which aesthetically and symbolically have a lot of power.

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Poster Diagonal Mar Park