About Us

BarcelonaBooks is the online store of the Institut del Paisatge Urbà, and offers you the best books, cultural activities and other products related to architecture and the urban landscape of Barcelona and with Modernisme and the Art Nouveau of the whole world.

Here you will find everything from guides to accompany you in your visit at Modernista Barcelona or lead you through the settings of historical battles in which Barcelonans fought for their freedom to large-format, full-colour publications explaining the history of the city’s neighbourhoods and architecture. You will also have access to become part of the Art Nouveau Club, an international community where the lovers of this artistic movement will enjoy advantages, discounts, etc., etc. You can join in the activities we organize and purchase posters and other various elements.

The profits earned from sales at this online shop are spent entirely on actions to disseminate, protect and improve the urban landscape.

The Institut del Paisatge Urbà (Urban Landscape Institute) at the Barcelona City Council dates back to 1986 when the building restoration campaign “Barcelona, posa’t guapa” was launched. Over the years, the Institute has widened its objectives and increased its burden, striving to clean up and regenerate the urban environment, thereby achieving a significant improvement in its citizens’ quality of life. Aid for the restoration of buildings, projects of rehabilitation and management of the urban environment, or the management of advertising in the street are some of the activities that we carry out.

One of the Institute’s activities is disseminating the unique values of Barcelona’s urban landscape so that residents and visitors alike can get to know and love what makes the city special. And it has done that, naturally, the diffusion and the interconnection with other municipalities and entities concerned about the same issues has grown creating international networks, such as the European Art Nouveau Route, which Barcelona leads, and links cities and organizations around the world.

If you want to contact us, write to cultura-impuqv@bcn.cat