Coat of Arms of the City of Barcelona, by Josep Maria Subirachs

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Coat of Arms of the City of Barcelona, by Josep Maria Subirachs

These outstanding artistic pieces in cast black aluminium used to cover the façade of the modern Barcelona Town Hall: they are artistic interpretations of the city’s historical coat of arms by world-renowned sculptor, drawer and engraver Josep Maria Subirachs. They were released when the four top floors of the building were deconstructed to harmonise its height with the old city’s environment and install photovoltaic power facilities.

This set of sculptural plates has enjoyed the attention of art experts and amateurs from around the world due to its originality and quality: For the people of Barcelona, they represent a strong heritage symbol.

The deconstruction allows to make a limited number of these pieces available for property of institutions, companies or individuals wishing to own an art masterpiece which is a symbolic and sentimental representation of Barcelona. Each piece is autentified by the author and certified by the Barcelona City Council.

By agreement with the artist, profits obtained from the sale are devoted entirely to actions of protection and improvement of the Barcelona urban landscape: Until now the proceedings have contributed to the definitive restoration of the Fossar de les Moreres square in the Gothic quarter.

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